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The Blueprint Project

Enhancing Women-Centered Practice using Assessment Tools with Survivors of Domestic Violence

Enhancing Women-Centered Practice using Assessment Tools with Survivors of Domestic Violence, also known as the Blueprint Project, is an action-based research initiative funded by Wage & Gender Equality Canada to develop and implement valid and reliable assessment tools and protocols amongst various agencies to support the safety of those living with or fleeing domestic violence. The goal is to develop a team of collaborating agencies providing wrap-around supports that are woman-centred and trauma-informed. It represents a shift away from a referral-based system, reducing the barriers women now face navigating multiple complicated systems that may not fully understand the dynamics and complexities of abuse.


The main deliverable/output from this work is a Blueprint for assessment and ongoing case management (Blueprint), which will be disseminated across the province. The group will:

  • Develop an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA);
  • Learn about and implement evidence-based risk assessment tools. Initially, starting with three assessment tools (e.g., Danger Assessment tool, Intimate Partner Violence Acuity Scale and Goal Attainment);
  • With client consent, collect and share information through the Blueprint App; and
  • Where identified, develop, improve, and evaluate other tools and processes (i.e., intake process, activity tracking, and discharge process).

Project Funders

This project is funded through the generosity of Wage and Gender Equality Canada and the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters. We also wish to express our gratitude to the participating organizations and individuals of the communities involved, who continue to provide their time, expertise and commitment to this project.

Community Working Groups

Community Working Groups (CWGs) represent geographic communities:

Community of Practice Groups

Communities of Practice (CoP) Groups are agencies and people “who share a concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.”

The CoP will unite people working to address violence, including prevention, responses, and support services, with particular focus on domestic violence and gendered services. Members will engage with project partners & staff to contribute to the development of the assessment process, protocol, and tools.

The CoPs will collaborate to identify & address gaps experienced by 2SLGBTQ+ People, Indigenous, and Immigrant, Newcomer, and Refugee women impacted by domestic violence, for the purpose of supporting safe and inclusive wraparound services. We hope to build an inclusive, safe and welcoming table.

News from the Blueprint Project