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Evaluation: A Learning Journey

October 1, 2022

Blueprint Project Update – October 2022

Evaluation is a critical component of the Blueprint Project to help us prove and improve the impact of the project. We believe that evaluation should be a participatory process that engages the people we seek to learn from. The process should build or strengthen relationships between the interviewer and interviewee. We also recognize that the trusting relationships service providers have with clients are invaluable to ensure clients are comfortable sharing their experiences.  

We started the evaluation process by defining the intended impact we want to achieve through the Blueprint Project. We developed impact statements and got input from the community working groups in Grand Prairie and Red Deer and the 2SLGBTQ+ Community of Practice. In Fall 2021, we conducted qualitative interviews to help us learn about how we were progressing toward achieving the first four impacts in the early stages of the Blueprint Project. We also gathered data on the Blueprint Project process to help us understand what was working and what was not. 

As we look ahead to the final year of the Blueprint Project, we want to gather data to gain a deeper understanding of our impact, particularly on clients. To do this, we will be conducting a brief online survey in the fall of 2022 to do a “pulse check” to see how things are going with the Blueprint Project. In 2023, we will be conducting qualitative interviews and a survey to learn about the substantive changes that have occurred for service providers, agency leaders, and clients as a result of the Blueprint. 

Blueprint Project partners can anticipate being contacted by the External Evaluator, Dialogues in Action to participate in the Evaluation process in the coming months.  

To learn more about the Blueprint Project and how you or your agency may be involved, please reach out to Nicole Orji, Project Manager at nicole.orji@acws.ca.


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