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Table of Contents

  • Annual Shelter Data Releases
  • Brochures & Fact Sheets
  • Position Statements & Briefs
  • The Blueprint Project
  • Reports: Lift Her Up
  • Reports: Children
  • Reports: Government of Alberta
  • Reports: Surveys
  • Reports: Safety From Domestic Violence Initiative
  • Reports: Shelters
  • Archive

Annual Shelter Data Releases

ACWS prepares yearly data releases of aggregate shelter data.

Brochures & Fact Sheets

Position Statements & Briefs

The Blueprint Project



Lift Her Up


Walking The Path Together

Using a wholistic approach, Eagle Feather Workers from shelters in Alberta provide one-on-one and group support to children and their families who have lived with violence.

  • The Guide: Walk Proud, Dance Proud: Footprints on a Healing Journey: A discussion guide to Walking the Path Together to reclaim the teachings of our First Nations Children 2014. Walking the Path Together (WTPT) is a shelter-based programme developed collaboratively by a Project Guidance Circle and delivered initially in five Alberta First Nations communities, in partnership with families who use shelter services. It is a voluntary programme developed in a First Nations context to be in harmony with the gifts, history and vision of First Nations peoples.
  • Walking the Path Together Tools: Appreciative Inquiry: In 2008, the Shelter Directors used an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) framework to visualize a shared goal of helping families live in peace and harmony, free from violence and abuse.
  • Evaluation Report – Phases I & II
  • Social Return on Investment Case Study: Phase I: Social Return on Investment (SROI) Case Study for the first phase of Walking the Path Together.
  • Business Case: Project background and description, business strategy, rationale for support, operational requirements and fund development strategy.

Safety From Domestic Violence Initiative

Inventory of Promising Practices

Briefly, Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General have worked to address the issue of domestic violence through its policing initiatives, victim services, community corrections, prosecution services, civil protection services and specialized domestic violence courts.  While these efforts as well as the efforts of other government agencies and community partners have made a difference in keeping women safe, a significant number of women continue to call the police, flee to women’s shelters, or are injured or killed by their abusive partners.  Alberta Justice and Solicitor General initiated this project recognizing the need for further evidence informed practices and evolving collaboration between shelters, police, other government agencies and key stakeholders.


Second-Stage Shelters


Alberta Shelter Workforce Survey

Alberta Men’s Attitudes about Violence Against Women

ACWS, Leger Marketing and the White Ribbon Campaign worked together to inform a Gender Equity Score used as a benchmark for attitudes, informed by a similar Australian survey. The survey is trending toward positive social change.

  • Violence in the Workplace (2009): Leger Marketing was contracted by Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters to measure several aspects concerning Violence in the Workplace and Family Violence that Impacts the Workplace. The survey was conducted with 800 Albertans, including 300 in Edmonton and surrounding areas, 300 Calgary and surrounding areas, and 200 in other areas of Alberta.


The documents in our collections are presented for archival purposes and do not necessarily reflect the current positions or learnings of ACWS or its member organizations. Some of the views or language expressed herein may not be in accordance with the present day. The documents have been uploaded in their original, unaltered forms and are intended to be a public resource of a historical nature.

If you have any questions about the contents in these documents, please contact us at voice@acws.ca.

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