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Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Awareness for Service Providers

A Note on Terminology:

The authors of this quiz acknowledge that there is no one term that adequately identifies the experiences and realities of every person affected by sexual violence.

Historically, the terms victim and survivor have dominated the discussion surrounding sexual violence. However, some people feel that the terms victim and survivor are still limiting, and that there exists a problematic dichotomy between them (e.g., the term victim implies a passive entity who has had something happen to them; the term survivor conveys strength and resilience and implies that a person has overcome what happened to them; you can only be either one or the other, etc.). In addition, some feel that these labels identify a person solely according to their experience(s) of violence.

There are many examples of person-first, alternative language that can be used to avoid this victim/survivor dichotomy (“a person who has experienced sexual violence”; “a person who was sexually assaulted”; “a person who survived sexual abuse”; and others).

For the purpose of brevity, this quiz will primarily use the dual term victim/survivor, while acknowledging that there are many ways people classify what happened to them.