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Stepping into the Circle

Welcome to Stepping into the Circle, a call to conversation and workbook for all staff, all cultures and all the women who participate in the Sharing Circles. This resource is meant to serve as a step in personal and professional development on Indigenous history, culture and knowledge. It is intended to enhance the learning and growth of the shelter and communities in which they serve. This resource is meant to be a tool to be utilized by anybody who is willing to learn. The hope is that we will embark on this learning journey together with colleagues, community partners and the women, children and seniors that we serve so we can continue to build meaningful relationships, not only with those around us, but more importantly with ourselves so that we can be better helpers.

Through this journey we will explore several key concepts, returning to them repeatedly from different perspectives and through different topics to develop deeper understandings.

Module 1 – Foundations of Indigenous Worldview

This module will explore some key tenets of Indigenous worldviews, how they shape cultural, political and social practices of Indigenous societies, and how understanding our own and others’ worldviews is essential to building trusting, productive relationships.
Stepping_into_the_Circle-Module 1

Foundations of Indigenous Worldviews Video


Module 3 – Treaty Relations: Spirit, Intent, and First Nations Perspectives

This module will explore how treaties form the legal and moral basis for the existence of the country of Canada, how Canada has not lived up to Treaty agreements, and what that means for Canada as a Treaty Nation and us as Treaty People.
Stepping_into_the_Circle-Module 3

Treaty Relations: Spirit, Intent, and First Nations Perspectives Video

Module 5 – Indigenous Women in Indigenous Societies

This module will explore concepts of the pre- and post- contact roles of Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBQQTIA as leaders, healers, providers, protectors, teachers. We will look at how colonization has impacted their traditional influence and ways Indigenous women may reconnect to their power and place.
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Indigenous Women in Indigenous Societies Video

Module 7 – Contemporary Indigenous Women’s Leadership

This module explores how Indigenous women are carrying on their traditional roles as leaders in many ways. As formal elected officials and informal community leaders, grassroots activists and legal campaigners, as mothers seeking justice, artists, and so much more, Indigenous women continue to reclaim, reimagine and revitalize their communities.
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Indigenous Women’s Leadership Video

Module 2 – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: Inquiry and Action

This module will provide Indigenous perspectives into the personal experiences and community impacts of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. We explore the root causes leading to increased levels of victimization experienced by Indigenous women and girls and the ways it can be addressed.
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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Video

Module 4 – Building Relationships Part 1: Lessons from Lewis

This module will introduce the foundational role of relationships in Indigenous worldview, how they are conceptualized, and Indigenous methodology, both formal and informal, for building relationships. You will gain strategies and principles for building respectful relationships with Indigenous organizations and communities.
Stepping_into_the_Circle-Module 4

Building Relationships Part 1: Lessons From Lewis Video

Module 6 – Building Relationships Part 2: Stories from Community

This module explores the wide variety of relationships we each have. How culture, worldview, and personal experiences form our ideas about relationships. And how understanding ourselves and our place in the world provides a solid foundation for building relationships with others.
Stepping_into_the_Circle-Module 6

Building Relations Part 2: Stories from Community Video

Module 8 – Circle Process

This module serves as a support to help you understand Circle Process and become more comfortable using Circles within your shelter.
Stepping_into_the_Circle-Module 8

Circle Process Video