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The Blueprint App

Blueprint Project Update – June 2022

One of the mechanisms to share client consented data and to ensure clients don’t reshare their experiences multiple times to different service providers, is the development and implementation of a Microsoft SharePoint App and Data Sharing Site. The Blueprint Data Sharing Site is a SharePoint page designed to store client information and content lists needed to feed the Blueprint App. The Blueprint App is a PowerApp designed through Microsoft that can be used on an agency’s desktop, tablet, or phone, to record client data and view the data shared from another agency (with consent from the client).

The App allows organizations or programs to create and manage clients, collect intake data, collect assessment data and collect contact / case notes; with client-consent, this information can be shared between agencies who have signed onto the Information Sharing Agreement. All that is needed to manage and use the App is a Microsoft 365 account. There are 4 main features and benefits of using a SharePoint App, including: 1) multi-purpose functionality, 2) enhanced security, 3) centralized administration, and 4) content management and data accessibility.

Through rounds of testing and revisions within the member agencies of the Blueprint Project, the App is ready to roll-out and be implemented within the two regions, Grande Prairie and Red Deer. Feedback from the App testers has highlighted the flexibility, usability and intuitive nature of the app and the potential for benefits and use outside of the Blueprint Project. As the province lacks a cross-sectoral, standard approach for the provision of services in domestic violence organizations, resulting in a significant barrier to keeping people in Alberta safe from domestic violence, we hope the app leads to the development of a Blueprint for wraparound services and supports for women impacted by domestic violence.

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