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Workplace Training

A Leading Change initiative, Domestic Violence & Your Workplace helps organizations unlock their leadership potential to champion efforts that address violence and sexism against women.

This program provides businesses with the training, tools, and supports to recognize the signs of violence, appropriately help female employees who are victims of violence and develop internal processes that protect both their workplace and employees.

Domestic Violence and Your Workplace includes supports to businesses of all sizes through options such as:

  • 120-minute self-directed online course;
  • 90-minute general awareness training about domestic violence and how it shows up at work;
  • 2-day in person or 3-day online responder training to equip workplace teams to better support staff;
  • Policy consultation to design workplace interventions and responses;
  • Occupational Health & Safety site inspections and tools.

How Safe is Your Workplace?

Have you overlooked a common workplace hazard? Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act identifies domestic violence as a workplace hazard.

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The numbers don’t lie.

As a result of domestic violence, Alberta businesses have suffered huge financial losses due to lost hours, absenteeism, retraining, and security, as examples, related to both women living with violence and the perpetrator.  

Adjusted for inflation, this equates to $10,000 per 100 employees (based on work conducted by Butler and Associates). And with changing legislation, organizations are being held accountable when domestic violence ends tragically.

Organizations that apply the Leading Change learnings are not only saving costs but more importantly, they are saving lives. Demonstrate organizational leadership, understanding and conviction that gender-based violence is wrong. After all, working towards positive change for those living in violence is everyone’s responsibility. 

The ACWS and its partners work with individuals or groups to build long-lasting and sustainable efforts to end gender-based violence.

Designed to meet individual, organizational or community needs, the ACWS can provide a Train-the-Trainer model, feedback and support to newly trained facilitators, or guidance to educate staff on violence-prevention policies in corporate settings.

Following training, the ACWS stays connected with trainees and advocates to reinforce the sustainability of our programs. The ACWS also provides further resources, local connections, and coaching opportunities to create lasting change within your organization or community.  

Contact us to learn more, at leadingchange@acws.ca