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Our Approach

We believe in a world free from violence and abuse. Prevention begins here and now, and it starts with Leading Change.

Leading Change is much more than a workshop—it’s a movement initiated by advocates whose efforts make it possible to create change in the beliefs and behaviours of others. 

What this movement looks like, and how it is experienced, differs from individual to individual, from business to business, from community to community. The champions of Leading Change consult with individuals, schools, organizations and communities to provide effective training and post-training support that is powerful, enlightening, effective and enduring.

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Why Work with Us?

Our dedicated team of experts works alongside partners, contractors and facilitators to lead change in schools, businesses, government and nonprofits across the province.

We offer various training opportunities including an introductory option, training built upon existing individual or organizational knowledge and skills, or an intensive train-the-trainer program. Training topics are flexible and may explore news stories of violence against women, highlight best practices for workplaces in response to Occupational Health and Safety changes, or focus on specific issues of interest to your organization or community.

Feminist Principles

Any effort to reduce violence against women and girls needs to address gender inequality. We want to ensure that the methods are effective and do not end up reinforcing the very gender inequalities we are all trying to reduce. ACWS works in partnership with, and is accountable to, feminist principles, women’s rights and gender justice organizations.

ACWS is proud to have partnered with both professional football clubs in Alberta: the Edmonton Elks and the Calgary Stampeders. CFL players participated in training and have delivered this curriculum by invitation, across Alberta. The presence of professional football players in schools and hosting coaching clinics to educate coaches, has inspired students and student-athletes about the Leading Change messaging. Read more about the role of Men & Boys.

Consulting & Support

Leading Change offers a combination of personal reflection, transformative educational tools and research-based evidence (including quantitative and qualitative data gathering) from women’s shelters across Alberta.

With experience facilitating training in both small and large group settings, the Leading Change team works closely with clients to identify their unique needs and tailor training accordingly.

Our Unique Approach

  • Informed by women’s shelters across Alberta
  • Evidence-based
  • Transformational for individuals
  • Custom-fit tools for schools and organizations
  • Strength-based
  • Women-centred

Start Leading Change Today.

Become an advocate to end violence against women: contact ACWS to book a Leading Change session today.

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