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Black History Month Feature: Ruth’s House 

Bridging cultural understanding and fostering empowerment 

February 20, 2024

In the heart of Calgary, Ruth’s House serves as a safe haven for families and a pillar of resilience for the African community. Founded less than two years ago as the first of its kind, Ruth’s House has quickly become an important resource center and emergency shelter dedicated to empowering the African community during a family crisis. 

Under founder Dee Adekugbe’s leadership, Ruth’s House focuses on the cultural values of family, faith, and community. From emergency shelter and transitional housing to counseling services and life skills training, Ruth’s House offers culturally sensitive support tailored to the unique experiences and values of Black individuals and families. 

“The cultural competency of Ruth’s House is crucial in everything that we do,” Dee says. “We make sure our programs and services align with our beliefs, traditions, and the important values in our organization.” This focus means people seeking help receive support that is understanding of their experiences and strengths.  

Beyond providing immediate assistance, Ruth’s House upholds a sense of community and belonging. This creates a safe space where Black individuals can find support, solidarity, and encouragement without fear and judgment. The organization’s commitment to bridging cultural understanding and fostering empowerment has earned it the trust and respect of the community it serves.   

As Black History Month unfolds, Ruth’s House stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of Calgary’s African community. Through its unwavering dedication to support, advocacy, and empowerment, Ruth’s House continues to inspire positive change to create a future where every individual can thrive free from violence and fear.