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Commit to #LiftHerUp

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Join us as we launch our #LiftHerUp Campaign. This campaign is in support of women in politics and public life. Women have the right to feel empowered and safe participating in public life as politicians, public figures and through their contributions to public discourse.

This is a call to action to end sexist and violent language and behaviours towards women in public life -- during and beyond the upcoming municipal elections.

ACWS is asking candidates to: 
  • Influence the nature, tone and content of public discourse during this election period.
  • Bring attention and change to the unacceptable treatment of female candidates and officials.
  • Place accountability mechanisms in place to hold municipal politicians and trustees to account for their behaviour after the election.

"Violent language directed at women in the public eye gives tacit permission to violent and traumatic abuse that occurs behind closed doors. Its poison spreads. These words and actions are triggers for women living with domestic violence and abuse – and enables their abusers."

~ Jan Reimer, Executive Director, ACWS

"When people see positive discourse among public officials, they mirror that behaviour in how they treat their fellow citizens."

~ Lana Cuthbertson, Equal Voice North Chapter Chair

"Sexist, demeaning and violent language directed at women in politics […] indicative of a pervasive subculture that dehumanizes women, and then calls them “not tough enough for politics” when they speak up."

~Lisa Skierka, Equal Voice South Chapter Chair

Has your candidate signed?

Commit to #LiftHerUp


Commitment Details 



Edmonton Launch - September 19, 2017

Grande Prairie Launch - September 19, 2017

Calgary Launch  - September 20, 2017


The #LiftHerUp campaign is supported in part by: 

Status of Women Alberta