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Fundraise for ACWS

Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) is the provincial network organization of women’s shelters in Alberta. ACWS supports 40 members operating over 50 shelters across the province for women, children, and seniors. ACWS supports shelters through collective data and research; frontline training; and culture-shifting prevention work to end domestic violence.

When you fundraise for ACWS, your efforts support our members as we work together to end domestic violence and abuse. You make what we do possible.

Interested in Fundraising for ACWS? Thank you! Please fill our our online application form here.

Third-Party Fundraising Application Form

Your Role:

  • Request advance permission to use the ACWS name and/or logo for anything to do with your fundraiser.
  • Manage your event or fundraising activity logistics (e.g., choosing a venue, theme, ticket sales, invitations, promotion, collecting donations securely, protecting donor information, etc.).
  • Acquire all permits and/or liability insurance if required for your event and/or fundraising initiative.
  • If you are going to publish pictures online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), make sure you get advance
    permission from event attendees before publishing photos and/or videos (can be as simple as a sign at your event that you will be publishing photos).

How We Can Support Your Event:

  • Issue charitable tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Provide information about ACWS (e.g., Key messages, statistics, brochures, pop-up banners) based on availability.
  • Provide you with a Letter of Support for your event.
  • Acquire a raffle license for your fundraiser through AGLC.
  • Promote your event through ACWS social media (based on availability and appropriateness).

Liability & Licenses:

  • Partner events or fundraising activity organizers are responsible for applying for licenses for event elements that are regulated by Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC), please visit aglc.ca/gaming/licences; with the exception of raffle licenses, which will need to be coordinated through ACWS prior to your event or fundraiser.
  • ACWS does not provide insurance coverage for partner events, initiatives, or activities. Partner event organizers must take the necessary steps to obtain proper insurance if/as required by the event venue.
  • The partner, event organizer, and other related parties (including donors and sponsors) agree to indemnify and hold harmless ACWS and its directors, employees, and volunteers from all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.

Application Process & Conditions:

Organizers must read and agree with the following conditions. Please complete and submit the Third-Party Fundraising Application and Agreement to ACWS. These forms must be received and approved before you begin any advertising. This helps us to provide relevant information, support, and advice in a timely manner for all our supporters. If you want to collect credit card donations through your fundraiser, please encourage your supporters to
use acws.ca/donate, select “Through a specific event or initiative” and indicate your event name.

Charitable Tax Receipting:

  • ACWS is delighted to accept qualifying donations of all amounts in support of our mission to support our members and work together to end domestic violence and abuse.
  • According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), gifts can only be charitably receipted for tax purposes if it is given without an expectation of anything in return (there must be no advantage to the donor). Please note: Receipts are issued to the person who gives the donation. If you want a receipt in someone else’s name, contact our office as there are CRA restrictions.
  • All eligible donations to ACWS through your event or initiative will be issued a charitable tax receipt by ACWS according to CRA regulations.


  • Any use of the ACWS name, logo, or stationary in any mailing, advertising, or for the media must receive prior written approval from ACWS; this includes the use of anything that may be publicly available online in conjunction with your event or fundraising activity.
  • High resolution files of the ACWS logo and other media or materials will be provided upon approval of request. Please submit requests to ACWS and allow five business days for approval of all requests for logos and other materials.
  • All promotional materials should clearly state that the partner event or activity is “in support of” or “proceeds to” followed by the ACWS logo. Materials must not state that ACWS is a sponsor or co-sponsor of an activity or event unless otherwise approved by ACWS in writing.
  • Due to limited personnel resources, ACWS cannot guarantee staff support to partner events or initiatives.
  • ACWS reserves the right to refuse funds raised from a fundraising activity that is not in accordance with the ACWS mission, goals, or which is contrary to the brand or/and beliefs of ACWS.
  • ACWS will help promote your event where possible; however, due to limited staff resources, marketing, and communications support is based on the availability of staff and the existing scheduling of regular ACWS marketing and communications activities.
  • All publicity (including media releases, interviews, print/promotional materials, etc.) for the proposed partner event or initiative must be approved by ACWS prior to being printed, released, etc.

Please note: The ACWS name/logo or materials cannot be used for any purposes other than those described below in this agreement.