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Covid-19 Update

If home is not safe, women’s shelters can help you find a safe place to go.

Women’s shelters remain open and the safest place for a woman fleeing violence. Shelters have adapted their services to meet all public health requirements. Shelters are more than a bed. ACWS members are trained to help women assess their risk levels and create safety plans.

You don’t have to stay at a shelter to get help from one. You can also access confidential services such as one-on-one support, safety planning, and risk assessment by phone. Call 1-866-331-3933.

To learn more about the signs of domestic violence during COVID-19 and how to offer help, see our resources below.

Last Updated: May 25, 2020

We are regularly communicating with the Government of Alberta in support of ACWS member shelters’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shelters are taking all precautions to ensure the health and safety of staff, residents, and the community in the time of COVID-19 including increased disinfection, physical distancing within shelters, and alternate housing when needed. Shelters remain open during the pandemic and continue to serve women, children, and seniors fleeing violence. They are doing this against the backdrop of working to keep their shelters and staff healthy and safe.

We know that in times of natural disasters, there can be an increase in demand for shelter services as increased anxiety and external stressors accelerate and exacerbate domestic violence situations. Evidence from previous environmental disasters and pandemics suggest that domestic violence will increase during and following this health emergency. We are working with member shelters to meet this need.

We encourage anyone facing immediate danger to call 911.

If you suspect that someone’s life may be in danger, please call 911. To speak to someone at a shelter near you, call our toll-free 24/7 line, 1-866-331-3933.

Find a Shelter

Resources for front-line service providers.

In addition to our own resources, ACWS is cultivating and updating external links and materials for member shelters and other front-line serving professionals who support the public dealing with domestic violence during COVID-19.

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