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Political Advocacy

ACWS relations within the political platform.

In April 2019, the ACWS circulated an election platform to several political parties including the NDP, UCP, Alberta Party, Liberals, and Freedom Conservative Party. This platform, titled Putting Safety First: A  Plan to Help End Domestic Violence in Alberta, is based on consultations with ACWS members and Board. The document is useful as a primer to ask questions of the candidates in your constituency.

The questions placed to the five parties included:

  1. How do you understand the purpose and the role of women’s shelters and, in general, what would you do to ensure they receive support? and

In the lifetime of the next government will you commit to:

  1. The creation of 998 new second-stage shelter beds and providing related operating funds?
  2. The introduction of a Portable Housing Benefit for abused women?
  3. Extend and expand the pilot program providing free legal aid to sexual assault survivors to include domestic violence survivors?
  4. Tie shelter funding formulas to the cost of living increases?

Now, let your voice be heard!  Use the questions and answers as primers to start conversations with your elected representatives and leaders in your communities.  Start the conversation by asking what their plans are to help end domestic violence in Alberta. One question can lead to a conversation which can lead to change.