About ACWS

We Believe

In empowerment for women and equal worth of all persons.

In strength of numbers together for a common mission.

That the issues of violence and abuse are the responsibility of the entire community including legal, social and political structures. 


We believe in a world free from violence and abuse.


To support our members and work together to end domestic violence and abuse.

ACWS is an ambassador for women’s shelters in Alberta, providing support to members and leadership to leverage the collective knowledge: informing solutions to end domestic violence.

And we know that domestic violence can end.

Informed by our many initiatives, action-based research projects and data collection, ACWS develops leading-edge tools for shelters and calls the public to take action against domestic violence.  Creating synergies around the globe, we are a founding member of both the global and Canadian networks of women’s shelters.

Because we know we are stronger together. 

Every day, 41 ACWS members across the province do remarkable work.  Shelters save lives, strengthen families and improve communities. 

ACWS: Working Together to End Domestic Violence.

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