Women's Shelters Count

Media Release 
November 21, 2012
For Immediate Release:
ALBERTA: Today is the 4th annual Data Count Day in Alberta, and we’re collecting more information than ever before to help paint a picture of domestic violence in our province.  
Women’s shelters in Alberta are leaders in domestic violence prevention, intervention and treatment.  Media are encouraged to contact their local shelters and speak to Shelter Directors today about current issues faced by victims of domestic violence and shelters.
In addition to numerical data, we’re asking shelters to include:
-If they were able to change one thing that would make things better for abused women and their children what would it be?
-Comments from women, children and seniors who have used shelter services today. (The role the shelter played in helping them, the challenges they are facing, the needs they  
   have, their experiences that brought them to shelter).
- What major changes have they seen in Canada related to violence against women over the last five years?
- Details about services that they provide to marginalized women.
On the 2011 Data Count day, 43 sheltering organizations helped 744 women and 606 children.  Of the women helped, 52 were pregnant.  The number of women helped on one day in Alberta who were threatened by a gun:  22.  Number of women turned away that day due to lack of resources (money, staff, space, etc.) 70, number of children turned away:  78.  
The results from the 2012 Data Count day will be collated and released in March 2013 for International Woman’s Day.  
ACWS provides support to its 43 members throughout the province and leadership to leverage the collective knowledge: informing solutions to end domestic violence.  The Global Shelter Data Count is an initiative of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters and is administered by ACWS.  November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta.  
Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters
Christie Lavan, Communications & Partnerships Advisor