Past Initiatives

Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses

ACWS is proud to have been the fiscal agent and one of the founding members of this first network of shelter voices across Canada.  ACWS is an active member of this network that is growing stronger all the time.

Changing Lives

Sharing shelter supports and services to empower women in shelter. 

Children’s Project

Participating shelters share and evolve promising practices with preschool children and their mothers.  Through piloting these new service delivery approaches, shelters evaluate and expand their services. 

Danger Assessment

Shelters worked with Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, an internationally-recognized expert in risk-assessment,  to adapt her Danger Assessment Tool for shelter use.  ACWS piloted the tool in nine Alberta shelters and it is used by many shelters today.   

Global Network of Women’s Shelters

A global voice for survivors and the shelters that serve them.  ACWS was a founding member, the fiscal agent for the network and remains an active member today. 

Helping Hands

A child therapist shared between participating Edmonton-area women’s shelters increases attachment and engagement between mothers and children, uses theraplay to help these children and builds staff capacity.

Making Amends

Supporting member rural shelters to meet the immediate safety needs of abused women.  Woman in rural areas face unique barriers in seeking help to live free from violence. 

Practical Frameworks for Change

Eight Alberta shelters piloted promising shelter practices under the areas of culture, legal/safety and  health. The results of this work have been applied in many shelters today. 

Walking the Path Together 

Six Alberta on-reserve women's shelters provided one-on-one support to Indigenous children who have lived with violence.  Individual, holistic interventions were created, working with that child's family, school and community supports emphasizing cultural teachings.  

1st World Conference of Women’s Shelters

ACWS organized the first World Conference of Women’s Shelters in 2008. Out of this successful and inspiring event came the Canadian Network, the Global Network and the Practical Frameworks for Change project.