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Their future is relying on you. Help them learn from the mistakes of the past and lead change to end violence towards women and girls.

The fears parents have for their children moving into the world are always the same: will they do well in school? Will they get a good-paying job? Will they find the right person to share their lives with?

But parents of daughters have a few extra fears: will she be safe in her dorm or on the walk to her car? Will she be harassed at work? Will she be paid fairly? Will she find a partner that’s respectful and non-violent?

We need to encourage our children to question how women are perceived in society and move towards a world without violence towards women.

Leading Change is a movement, a new way of thinking...and it is led by you. Create a world that is equal – that is safe – for each woman and girl in your life. Join #LeadingChange.

Here’s how.