Our Staff

Jan Reimer 
Executive Director

Ian Wheeliker
Director of Programs

Christie Lavan
Leading Change Program Developer

Tuval Dinner Nafshi
Leading Change Community Developer

Caitlin Hart
Logistic Assistant & Leading Change Support

Carlynn McAneeley
Communications and Partnerships Advisor
For media inquiries please call Carlynn at 780-224-8474 

Lorelle Whittingham
Communications Support

Catie Hickman
Training and Program Development Advisor

Cat Van Wielingen
Research and Project Advisor

Amy Mercure
Research and Project Advisor

Husna Khaidir

Administrative Support

Jennifer Ness
Financial Administrator / Office Co-ordinator

Roxane Blood 
Indigenous Relations and Programs Co-ordinator

Janine Isaac 
Data and Member Support

Blessing Muyambo
Project Lead,Enhancing Assessment Tools for Women-Centered
Practice with Survivors of Domestic Violence

Mychaela Risling
Project Lead, ACWS Building Collective Capacity