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  • 2011 Summer Newsletter
    Outcome Conference, Data Counts, Arlene Dickinson, Information on the Trend Anaylsis and much much more.
  • 2010 Spring/Summer Newsletter
    New Era of Data Entry by Alberta Shelters, Domestic Violence Death Review, Funding cuts to On Reserve shelters, Legal Aid Alberta plus all the information on our current projects.
  • 2009 Fall/Winter Newsletter
    5 year study results from the Resolve team, Updates on Uniting to End Violence Against Women, Elder Abuse, Global Shelter Data Count, Practical Frameworks for Change and Walking the Path Together. Information on LTWG as well as Danger Assessment results.
  • 2008 Fall/Winter Newsletter
    Highlights of the World Conference, Outcomes from the Conference, Cup of Tea Campaign, Shelter Best Practices and the Workplace Violence Project.
  • 2008 Spring Newsletter
    Ray Hook Interview, Laurana Shelter Spotlight, Brian Vallee and Cup of Tea in Calgary, Linda Steel and the races, Partnership with CSL begins. 
  • 2007 Fall Newsletter
    The partnership with the Health Sciences Association of Alberta; more on the World Conference; remembering Liana White; Danger Assessment Research; Jan taking the high road to (Scotland's) Global Campaign for Violence Prevention, and more!
  • 2007 Spring Newsletter
    Our move, the World Conference, Breakfast with the Guys, provincial stats and more.
  • Autumn 2006 Newsletter
    Messages from the President, the Provincial Coordinator; provincial statistics; Danger Assessment Training; HOMES Training; November campaign and more . 

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