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Shelter Job: Temporary Outreach/Community Connector, Sage Seniors Association (Edmonton AB)

The Outreach/ Community Connector is responsible for providing in-depth screening of older adults to help identify and connect seniors to appropriate social and health resources. They will participate in follow-up services addressing the social, emotional and health needs of older adults through assessment, support, connecting to resources, and system navigation. The Connector will work with individuals in a supportive, holistic way to address access barriers including finances, housing, transport, low confidence, and social isolation.

They will use the Canadian Frailty Scale Assessment tool to help identify areas older adults might wish to concentrate on and coordinate efforts with other Sage programs and external programs/organizations. Referrals to this project will be received from health systems and community Home Support programs with the emphasis being on providing supports to assist the older adult remain healthy in the community. These services may be offered at Sage or in the community, depending on the needs of the senior being served. Screening may take place virtually by phone or in person.

Deadline: July 4th, 2o22

More Info: mysage.ca/supporting-sage/employment

Full Job Description Here.