Municipal Commitment Details 2017

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

#LiftHerUp Campaign

2017 Municipal Elections


We want women empowered, enabled and safe as citizens, elected politicians and public figures. You can influence the nature, tone and content of public discourse during the upcoming municipal election campaign period by:

·      Positively influencing the nature and tone of public discourse during this election.

·      Bringing attention to the unacceptable treatment of female candidates and officials.

·      Encourage women friendly cities and schools after the election.


We want you to #LiftHerUp


Who We Are:

Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters seek to create women-centered service provision which promotes equality, improves outcomes for women as well as their families, reduces long-term costs and builds stronger communities.


About #LiftHerUp

The #LiftHerUp campaign was created by Alberta Women’s Shelter Directors in response to misogynist behaviours directed at female politicians last fall. Women who are abused are often targeted with demeaning sexist language and behaviours. As a result this language has significant impact as a trigger for women living with violence in their lives and is an enabler for those that abuse.


Take Action

You can bring attention and change to the unacceptable treatment of female candidates and officials. Sexist or violent language and representation do a disservice to all candidates and the public at large. These behaviours undermine:

·      Strong leadership

·      Constructive conversation

·      Issues at hand

Implications of violent intent or threats of bodily harm set destructive and dangerous leadership examples.  Violence against women and girls is a societal issue. Leaders like you set the example, you can #LiftHerUp.


Why This Matters: 

Imbalance in power relations excludes women from decision-making across all aspects of society. The level of misogyny in Alberta’s political culture must end. 


How You Can Help:

Work collectively, share knowledge and change systems. Join the us in signing this commitment, make a difference and #LiftHerUp.

Donate to ACWS or your local shelter.



More Ways You Can Make A Difference: 

Leading Change:

The ACWS Call to Action and model for social change that includes curriculum, programming and support to assist organizations, governments, businesses, youth, educators and coaches gain a deeper understanding of gender-based violence, and the tools to change the underlying cultural condition that contributes to the alarming numbers Alberta shelters serve each year.