#LiftHerUp Commitment - School Board Election 2017

As a candidate in the upcoming school board election: 

  • I express my respect and support of women in public life. 
  • I will treat all candidates with respect, regardless of gender and create an overall culture of inclusion. 
  • I commit to do my part to prevent all instances of sexist and violent behaviours, and to hold all candidates to the same standard of conduct, recognizing that sexist or violent language and representation do a disservice to all candidates and to the public at large. 

Should I be elected I will adhere to this same level of conduct and will: 

  • Work towards increasing the number of women and girls in positions of leadership. 
  • Advocate for supports and education for students who experience violence and abuse. 
  • Honour the diversity of women and girls and work towards addressing the barriers they may face. 
  • Recognize as a trustee that I have the opportunity to set an example, create direction and hold others accountable while representing families at large. 
  • Recognize that as a community leader, I have a role to play to encourage dialogue and education on the importance of ending violence against women and girls. 

This commitment demonstrates my understanding that by promoting equality, I as a candidate help to reduce long term costs, build stronger communities and by doing so I Lift Her Up. 


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