Leading Change Updates - Spring 2017

Facilitators: Tuval Nafshi and Daryl Fort

Attendees at our Spring 2017 Foundational Training included leaders from: 

  • the Calgary Stampeders
  • the Edmonton Wildcats
  • Calgary Colts
  • Calgary High School Teachers
  • Sonshine Shelter Outreach Workers
  • Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter Workers


ACWS's Leading Change: Inspired Communities curriculum is designed to give players, leadership and others a foundational education on gender-based violence and inspire social action to counter and prevent it. 


For the past 10 years we have been building a movement in Alberta, inviting people of all ages, genders and background to support a shift in how we approach gender based violence. While we invite all Albertans to be a part of this movement, a smaller group have taken a bigger role in making this change a reality by participating in our facilitator trainings and gaining more knowledge and stronger skills to spread this message and foster meaningful dialogue in their communities. 


The program focuses on real-life scenarios that help us recognize abusive behaviour, and develop the confidence and skills to interrupt behaviours that feed a culture of violence towards women. 


This training is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and ability to take a leadership role in ending gender based violence in their community. With a focus on engaged bystander intervention, this is a powerful tool in the Leading Change toolbox. 


The training helps participants build their knowledge base as well as their facilitation skills and learn how to address some of the tough questions we get when doing this work. 


Lead Change today!


AUPE Beyond Workplace Wellness Conference, April 27 & 28

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) hosted a conference inviting attendees "to consider the ways in which Alberta workplaces are much more dangerous than is usually acknowledged publicly." Our Leading Change team was invited to deliver a presentation on Domestic Violence & Your Workplace at the conference's closing plenary session. Christie Lavan (Leading Change Program Developer) and Astrid Mitchell (Leading Change Consultant) presented to an audience of 250 at the closing plenary session, and also facilitated a sold-out breakout session.