Fund Development and Public Relations Officer


Fund Development and Public Relations Officer (One-Year Contract / Part-Time / Hourly)

Cochrane Women’s Emergency Shelter Society (CWESS) is seeking a Fund Development and Public Relations Officer. Our society was founded in 2016 in order to address the lack of safe shelter and resources for women fleeing or living with domestic violence in Cochrane, Alberta. We are the sole organization with the mandate to respond to domestic violence in our area, and we intend to serve a region with a population of over 50,000 at Calgary’s doorstep that currently has little access to family violence services, shelter, and education. 

Our organization has completed a feasibility study that underscored the need for a women’s shelter in our community. For the past year, we have provided outreach services, along with beginning to address broader programming gaps relative to domestic violence in Cochrane. 

We are now in the initial stages of a capital drive. Our vision is Big Hill Haven, a “hub and house” emergency shelter. The house and hub service-delivery model ultimately will entail at least five emergency beds within a resource hub—where a range of services and assessments will be offered to clients—along with up to twenty beds in scattered-site, community-based housing.

CWESS has received a Community Initiatives Program Project-Based (CIP P-B) grant from the Government of Alberta for start-up costs associated with the Big Hill Haven House and Hub Domestic Violence Services Project. The timeline for the project is roughly September 2019–September 2020. At this critical juncture, we are seeking a professional on contract with experience in fund development, community engagement, strategic planning, partnership building, and the startup tasks relative to nonprofits. The person should have knowledge of Cochrane and the surrounding communities. Ideally, the candidate would also have an understanding of domestic violence, along with experience in shelter operations.

This individual will be the public face of Big Hill Haven’s capital drive over the next year, and the role will include the following tasks:

  • Crafting a strategic plan from Big Hill Haven’s existing feasibility study, with clear next steps for the construction and operation of a “hub and house” emergency shelter in Cochrane
  • Identifying the appropriate land or building to be used as the “hub”
  • Researching and recommending the broad contours of space needed for the “hub”
  • Creating and implementing a fund development strategy
  • Pursuing partnerships with other community organizations in order to open up opportunities for community-based housing units in the future (scattered-site housing)
  • Developing a communication strategy with municipal and provincial representatives
    • Securing the appropriate support for the emergency shelter from the Town of Cochrane, including obtaining approval for zoning
    • Communicating with appropriate Government of Alberta personnel regarding options for service contracts under “Family Violence Shelter” program funding, and keeping government representatives informed of our progress towards construction
  • Seeking grant opportunities and other funding that would enable this role to persist beyond the one-year, part-time funding currently available, with potential (hinging on candidate’s success in meeting stated benchmarks) to become an executive director position


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Other Locations in Alberta
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Thursday, October 31, 2019