If you are in immediate danger call 911!


Whether your feet are on the field or in the stands – you can walk the talk and lead the way to change.  

This battle of Alberta has no losers – only leaders. Join your favorite Alberta CFL players in Leading Change to end violence and abuse against women.

Violence against women and girls is everywhere around you – once you start looking. And once you see it – you can start to end it.  

Leading Change is a movement that needs all of us to have impact. True toughness is a willingness to call out a friend on a comment that degrades women. True vision is seeing how incidents of sexual and domestic violence are all connected and how we can all create change; each day. 

We come together from all walks of life to cheer on our home team. Feel the power of that. Apply that passion to joining the movement in ending violence towards women and girls. Join #LeadingChange.

Here's how.