Current Initiatives

Breakfast with the Guys

Men hold the majority of leadership roles in our community and can be powerful mentors to other men and boys.  These successful events bring male leaders together, inspiring them to take action to end domestic violence.   

Children's Program

Children are impacted by domestic violence that occurs in the home, and they make up roughly half of the population in domestic violence shelters.  Shelters evolve promising practices: to support healing and allow children to be children.

Domestic Violence & Your Workplace

Providing tools for workplaces to recognize and respond effectively to domestic violence impacting their employees, and therefore, their organizations. This robust program includes a toolkit, a curriculum and train-the-trainer resources. 

Leading Change

This call to action gives the public specific means to help ACWS end domestic violence.  In very tangible, achievable ways, Leaders of Change are improving the world by making a real difference for women and their children living with abuse. 

On-Reserve Shelter Funding Equality

Funding for on-reserve shelters in Alberta is not at the same level as shelters operating off-reserve. This growing body of work includes the Moving Forward report detailing the inequity, as well as education and public awareness. 

CFL Project/ Playing to Win

Empowers coaches, parents and youth to identify and respond effectively to harassment, abuse and violence towards women and girls.  Tools are grounded in realistic scenarios that can be used in everyday “teachable moments.”

Shelter Salaries

Working with the provincial government to ensure Alberta shelter workers achieve income equity with other government-funded, social-service providers. 

Walking the Path Together

Customized, intensive supports designed for seven-year-old First Nations children living with violence in five Alberta on-reserve communities.  Front-line staff “walk” with the children on their journeys toward violence-free lives. 

Safety from Domestic  Violence: Using Evidence Based Pracitices to Keep Women Safe.