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Women in Leadership

Lift Her Up.

The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters has created a campaign “Lift Her Up,” to counter the misogynist rallying cry that has been heard abroad and even on the steps of Alberta’s Legislature Building.

Contrary to the misogynist cries to “Lock Her Up,” we know, based survey answers, that most men in Alberta agree that sexist, violent language and the sexualization of women in media and popular culture helps to legitimize violence against women.

We ask you to follow us and join us in calling down this language. We’re lifting up our sisters in the legislature, the boardroom, the classrooms, the livingrooms and in women’s shelters throughout our province – and holding them up, buffering them against the bullying rhetoric that we are seeing for political gain.

#LiftHerUp will be an ongoing ACWS campaign to support women leaders.

For more information on the 2021 iteration of the campaign, click here.