Covid-19 Update


The safety of women, children, and seniors facing abuse, as well as the safety of shelter workers, are our top priorities. We are regularly communicating with the Government of Alberta and are working with our members to support their preparations to align with the latest recommendations from Alberta Health Services. Shelters are working diligently to meet the challenge of meeting the safety needs of the women, children, and seniors who rely on the continued operations of these services, and they are doing this against the backdrop of working to keep their shelters and staff healthy.



We know that in times of natural disasters, there can be an increase in demand for shelter services as increased anxiety and external stressors accelerate and exacerbate domestic violence situations. Evidence from previous environmental disasters and pandemics suggest that domestic violence will increase during and following this health emergency. We are working with shelters to prepare to meet this need.


We encourage anyone facing immediate danger to call 911. If you suspect that someone’s life may be in danger, please call 911. 


To speak to someone at a shelter near you, call our toll-free 24/7 line,



As much as many of us are isolating for public health directives, there are as many reasons to pay attention to the wellbeing of those in your community and offer to help.