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Domestic Violence and Your Workplace

Domestic violence doesn’t end when work begins. This 60-minute, self-directed course will help you better understand the scope of domestic violence and how it can show up in the workplace. You’ll be able to recognize the common signs of domestic violence in the workplace and learn about your obligations under Occupational Health & Safety legislation to help foster safety for everyone at work.

Danger Assessment

Alberta has one of the highest rates of domestic violence among the Canadian provinces. To meet this ongoing challenge, the ACWS is committed to using data-informed practices and innovation. The Danger Assessment tool has become a standard practice for many ACWS member shelters in their intake procedures, empowering women at risk with information. The data collected also provides barometric insight into the state of domestic violence across the province.

The Danger Assessment Tool (DA Tool)—used by many ACWS member shelters across the province—is a validated method of assessing a woman’s risk of being killed by a current or former partner. It is a powerful process of inquiry that helps women stay safer by identifying risk factors, reducing minimization and denial of danger, and building supportive relationships with helpers.