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You are strategy. You are determination. And your influence extends far beyond the game.

There’s an idea that to win in sports you need to be tough. And that toughness is often mistaken with violence, aggression, control and the exertion of power over someone else.

Right now, your players look to you for an example of what a true leader is. No matter how your players grew up, where they are from or what they deal with at home - show them that being a strong leader means treating women as equals. Show them that true toughness is someone willing to call out a peer on a rude comment. 

Violence against women is still a reality. It’s all around you, once you start looking, and once you see it – you can start to end it.  

ACWS programs will empower you to coach youth into shedding gender stereotypes for both women and men in a practical way.    If you have a mother, a daughter, a sister, female partner or friend - join the #LeadingChange movement to create a new, truly equal world for women and girls.  

Here's how