Alberta Kind


Alarmed by the shootings in Christchurch, Quebec and Pittsburgh - as well as the rise in racist attacks against Muslim communities in Edson and Edmonton – we are a coalition of individuals and organisations who stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors of  attacks and with all human beings who wish to express their religious beliefs in peace and with freedom. We have become increasingly concerned at the Islamophobic, Anti-Semitic, racist and misogynistic actions directed at Canadian citizens: our founding peoples and newcomers alike.


Recognizing that 1.5 million people watched the Christchurch shootings online we are calling for people across this province to make a statement for kindness and generosity of spirit under the banner of ‘Alberta Kind’, or in Arabic,’ Alberta Kareem’.



We believe that all Albertans share the value of freedom, fairness and kindness. That is why today we encourage you to show your support by taking the following steps. 


Download and share our 'Alberta Kind' campaign graphic in another language