ACWS Training

*Note: Access to ACWS training is by invitation only.*
Spring 2017 Training Topics: 
  • Ethics: Foundations, Form/Revisions, Consent & Record Keeping
  • Decolonization and Intergenerational Trauma
We are pleased to announce exciting training opportunities for ACWS members this year. With generous contributions from members, ACWS has engaged Dawn McBride and Kathleen Gorman to lead twelve training sessions from February to April 2017. Dawn is a registered psychologist and an associate professor at the University of Lethbridge. She is a leading voice in her field, specializing (among other topics) in ethics, family violence and trauma.  She will lead five two-day sessions on the topic of Ethics: Foundations, Form/Revisions, Consent & Record Keeping for shelter staff. Kathleen is a registered social worker, a certified trauma treatment specialist (CTTS), holds a BSc in Psychology, and multiple graduate degrees in Health Law, Social Work and Health Administration. Her work uses a holistic approach to knowledge and healing, while her Indigenous background and the Canadian colonial context inform her practice. She will lead seven full day sessions on Decolonization and Intergenerational Trauma. 
Training sites include Calgary, Edmonton, Cold Lake, Grande Prairie and Lethbridge. 
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