ACWS Joie Dery Award

Joie Dery committed herself to social justice for abused women:

  • For over 25 years, she was a member of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters.
  • She worked for two decades at the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre in Cold Lake.
  • She was president of ACWS for numerous years, during which the council successfully advocated for increased salaries, benefits and training for shelter workers, as well as developed the first World Conference of Women’s Shelters.

This award honours Joie Dery’s contribution to Alberta’s sheltering movement and recognizes excellence in front-line domestic violence shelter staff throughout Alberta.

ACWS also honours a shelter volunteer who has been dedicated to offering their free time in service of abused women and children.

You can download a nomination for the 2018 Joie Dery Award  here .      

You can download a nomination for the 2018 Volunteer Award  here.

Joie Dery Award Recipients:

Penny Giacomni (WINGS of Providence) 2017

Bernice Sewell (Sage Seniors' Safe House) 2016
Katie Pelletier (Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter) 2015 
Susan Kolke (WIN House) 2014
Karen Kingdom (Wings of Providence Shelter) 2013
Sherryl Bohna (Kerby Rotary Shelter) 2012
Lisa Morgan (Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre) 2011
Margaret L’Hirondelle (Hope Haven Women’s Shelter) 2010