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Request for Proposals - History of Women's Shelters Movement in Alberta Book

ACWS is seeking a qualified writer to create an accessible and compelling read which can be read widely by those with an interest in the women’s movement in Alberta.

The women’s shelter movement in Alberta stretches back to the 1960’s.  Since that point women have been banding together to provide protection for women and children facing domestic violence.  The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters is mid-way through a process of researching, writing and publishing a book which will tell the history of the women’s movement through the stories of women and the shelters they founded.

Supported by a grant from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation ACWS has already conducted interviews with 30 women and men throughout the Province recounting their stories.   For personal reasons our current researcher is not in a position to complete the middle phase of the project; the writing up of the interviews in to a book.

For this reason ACWS is currently recruiting a consultant writer who can complete the work of the second phase of the project and provide support for the project in phase III.


Closing Date: Monday, September 11, 2017


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