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What we do

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters (ACWS) offers gender-based violence prevention training for a variety of clients: schools, businesses, government, non-profits and communities. Our training invites people to look at how they can make a lasting contribution to end violence against women. Our expert Leading Change facilitators provide a combination of personal reflection, transformative educational tools and evidence from women's shelters across Alberta. We aim to catalyze audiences into action, providing the knowledge and tools to intervene against sexism and abuse day to day. 

We work with every client to identify their unique needs and tailor our training accordingly. Our training can be intensive ("train the trainer"), introductory, or build upon your existing skills. We have experience facilitating events for large or small groups. Training might explore topics you read about in the news, suggest best practices for workplaces in response to Occupational Health & Safety changes, or focus on specific issues your organization or community would like to address.

Following training, we stay connected to you. We're happy to provide further resources, local connections and coaching opportunities to create long-term change in your organization or community.  


Your organization can become a leader in ending violence against women. 


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What we believe

  • We believe that the issues of violence and abuse are the responsibilities of the entire community.

  • We believe in the strength of Albertans to step up and prevent gender-based violence.

  • We believe that individuals are ready, willing and able to change.

  • We believe that people respond well to a positive environment that works on strengths (not judgments).

  • We believe that people are impacted when they realize how extensive domestic violence is.

  • We believe that abuse can be ended if we all work together.


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Who we are

ACWS' Leading Change is made possible by three dedicated team members who work alongside partners, contractors and facilitators across the province. 


Christie Lavan

Leading Change Program Developer

Christie leads ACWS’ primary prevention programming through the provincial call to action called: Leading Change.  She trained with the military as a Radio Operator in the Communications Reserve, worked as production assistant in newsrooms, wrote & produced content in the independent television industry, and served corporate and non-profit organizations as a communications generalist before specializing in prevention of gender-based violence and community development.  Christie completed the 18-month Advocacy Learning Centre through Praxis International and received a certificate in Strategic Leadership from the Peter Lougheed Institute. 


Tuval Nafshi

Community Developer

Tuval is a violence prevention educator and facilitation coach specializing in healthy relationships, consent, gender equity and healthy masculinity. Over the past decade he has facilitated workshops and delivered presentations for thousands of young people, educators and community members on issues relating to sexism, sexual violence, healthy relationships, gender equity and eliminating violence from our lives. He received his social work education from Grant MacEwan University and University of Victoria then went on to work in British Columbia (Victoria Sexual Assault Centre), Ireland (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and Ontario (White Ribbon Campaign & Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions “COPA”).

Caitlin Hart 

Leading Change Support

Caitlin provides logistics and administrative support to the Leading Change program. Before coming to ACWS, Caitlin worked in government administration, post-secondary, and the private sector. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Alberta. In addition to her administrative work, Caitlin is a freelance writer and runs a feminist book club.






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Our Model

This community engagement model emerged as part of the Working Together project with Status of Women Canada, and is informed by a 15-year-old body of work by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters working to engage and inspire the public on this issue.

Use the Table of Contents to navigate through the model online, or download the PDF version. 


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