A Window into Women's Shelters

Nov 20, 2012
For immediate release: 
It’s time for the fourth annual Global Shelter Data Count where shelters around the province record the numbers and experiences of women and children they serve on one day.   
Alberta shelters have selected Wednesday, November 21st as their Data Count Day for 2012. 
November is Family Violence Prevention Month and media are encouraged to contact shelters in their communities and speak to Shelter Directors about challenges currently faced by victims of domestic violence and the organizations that shelter them. The contact information for member shelters in your area can be found on the acws website at:  https://www.acws.ca/shelters
“The Data Count provides a window into the work of women’s shelters” says Jan Reimer, Executive Director of ACWS.  “Shelter staff go above and beyond to empower women and their children and are frontline experts in domestic violence prevention, intervention and treatment.”  
Comments recorded from shelter residents on last year’s Data Count Day include:  
“This is the first time I have felt safe in a long time” Taber
“I can do it myself and I will be strong to protect my children” Edmonton
“If not for the shelter, I’d be on the street or staying with someone who beats me up” Grande Prairie 
ACWS provides support to its 43 members throughout the province and leadership to leverage the collective knowledge: informing solutions to end domestic violence.  The Global Shelter Data Count is an initiative of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters and is administered by ACWS.  In 2011, 43 Alberta sheltering organizations helped 744 women and 606 children.  
Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters
Christie Lavan, Communications & Partnerships Advisor